Be sure to check the units column when ordering. Some products may be ordered by the each while others must be ordered by the case. Please be sure you are ordering the correct quantity.
When ordering unit pick items please order a minimum of 6 units. When ordering cases, you can order half cases if you wish. A $1.00 surcharge will apply for ordering in half cases.   

Minimum order
No charge for direct shipment deliveries over $300.00 of non tobacco product 
Direct shipment orders under $300.00 = a $25.00 delivery surcharge.
Minimum order if ordering tobacco only, is 30 cartons and payment must be made with pre authorized debit.

Customers must sign for the total number of cases received, print your name, date and time of delivery. 
All prices are subject to change without notice. 
Prices do not include HST. 

We do not charge a fuel surcharge on direct shipment orders.    

A $30.00 charge applies to any returned cheques.